Get ESTA Visa to Plan Your Trip In Advance

When visiting America you should first apply for the ESTA visa. It’s best to be applied for in advance as if done online it can take either minutes or up to 72 hours to find out. You can qualify for the ESTA visa if you have a valid passport, are a citizen of an eligible country and you plan on staying in the US without exceeding the 90 days permitted stay. To apply for this visa all you have to do is fill in a form which is easier to do online and then submit a payment. The visa is generally valid for multiple trips to that country. The visa will last 2 years or until the passport runs out, depending on what happens first.

There are so many different places you should consider visiting for example if you’re in Florida and have your children with you then you should visit The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, Discovery Cove and the Magic Kingdom. You could even go skiing in Idaho’s Sun Valley. A few other great places to visit with friends or alone would be Chihuly garden and glass and the Alcatraz Island. There’s New York City full of many skyscrapers and amazing sights, this should definitely be on your list. You could even go skiing in the Rocky Mountains or visit the Redwood National Park in California; this is full of stunning nature and some of the world’s biggest trees which rise up towards the sky, just like skyscrapers. Then you could visit Washington DC and its outstanding museums and monuments. Then you could visit Washington DC and its outstanding museums and monuments.  If you prefer the country setting then you should head towards Virginia. You could visit Amish country and the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains to wonderful sights such as Niagara Falls. You could visit Alaska, Americas own winter wonderland, or you could try Hawaii the countries holiday paradise.

Make sure to remember things like you must tip between 15 and 20% in American restaurants. It’s not seen as a kind gesture to tip it is an obligation. Next, American portion sizes are much bigger than which is why it’s not unacceptable to ask to take some of the food home; it’s actually expected in many places. You probably won’t have a single proper cup of tea during your stay; Americans drink a lot of coffee instead. Then the word pudding doesn’t mean dessert to them it’s actually a chocolate mousse given to children; many words have different meaning to them. You should tip a bartender at least one dollar per drink when you order an alcoholic drink. They don’t really see being really drunk or having a hangover as something to be proud of or an accomplishment which is why they won’t admit to kipping work due to having a hangover or drinking on their lunch break. People will randomly smile at you and its polite to smile back. American flags are sacred and seen as a sign of national unity.  Which is why you’re not meant to put one on the ground, step on one, display one upside down or do anything to disrespect one.