The Different Benefits Of 12 Month Caravan Sites In North Wales

Caravan sites in north wales

While the majority of caravan sites will remain closed for approximately two months in each year, there are some caravan sites that will remain open for all twelve months of a year.  These types of parks are known as 12 month sites and are highly popular among travellers.  This article will provide information on the 12 month caravan sites in North Wales with a particular focus on the different benefits of using these sites.

Arguably, the most beneficial aspect of the 12 month caravan sites in North Wales is the “no off-season” feature.  This is the obvious characteristic, as demonstrated by the term ’12 months’, allowing you to take a holiday in the park at any time of year.  Unlike other caravan sites, you are not limited by the closed season of the site and can enjoy winter holidays if desired.

It can be incredibly frustrating to be told that you are not allowed to enter the caravan site despite having paid the annual site fees.  Unfortunately, this is a situation that many people face when dealing with caravan sites or parks that operate according to “off seasons”.  The off season is typically during the winter because the winter season is quieter; therefore, allowing for managers to conduct major maintenance tasks and allowing the park to regenerate.

Of course, there are caravan parks that allow you to access caravan units during the closed season, but you will not be allowed to remain overnight or access site facilities.  This is due to the facilities generally being shut.  If, however, the caravan unit is on a site with 12 month season access it is unlikely that this will be a problem as the park is in full operation all year round.

Despite the winter season often being associated with poor weather conditions, the occasional clear days are those that make winter one of the best times of year to travel.  Early winterisation of a holiday caravan is another, if less obvious, advantage to using caravan sites in North Wales.

Winterisation is a term referring to the preparation a caravan owner must complete before leaving the unit unattended for extended time periods.  If, however, the caravan site is open to holiday-makers for 12 months, winterisation will not be too great an issue to manage.  A 12 month season will enable you to use the caravan from time to time minimising damage caused by cold weather.